About us

Collini Catering, the perfect recipe for every need!

Sophisticated, high-quality culinary proposals stand alongside tradition and experimenting with new ideas.

Every occasion will be taken care of in every detail with creativity and style.


Wedding Sector

Lake Garda is the perfect setting for your dream wedding.

Villages overlooking the shores of the lake are surrounded by olive groves, oleanders and the scent of citrus trees.

Collini Catering fits perfectly into this context by making good use of the produce of the territory, and transforming it into exquisite dishes.


Our services

Home Chefs

Specialists even when dealing with small numbers, we offer the opportunity to have a chef at your home.

Also for holiday homes and B&Bs that wish to include this attractive service in their tourist package.

We also organise evenings with themed cuisine.




Collini at home

Collini Catering also offers a home delivery service...

We will be your trusted gastronomy partner, delivering ready-made foods chosen from a variety of proposals (minimum 10 pax)

Special Food
Special Food

Cooking Classes

Individual or small group cooking courses with our chef Paolo Collini who, after years of experience, has gained knowledge of the various techniques of preparation, cooking and storage.
With his boundless passion he will transmit to you the secrets that will transform your way of cooking into pure fun and pleasure.

The Chef

My passion comes from the kitchen of my family’s hotel, where as a child I used to sneak in and look on with a sense of wonder.

This wonderment turned into a profession, thanks to the many experiences I had, and the courage to always get involved.

My cooking tells the story of the passion that comes from researching the product of the local area.

Lake Garda

Surrounded by mountains to the north and embraced by gentle morainic hills to the south, Lake Garda is the meeting point between the Alps and the Mediterranean. The lake fish, as well as the extra-virgin olive oil, wine and citrus fruits, allow us to rediscover the flavours of the Mediterranean, while mountain cheeses, meats, honey, truffles and game give us a strong taste of the Alps.
The green of the mountains, the blue of the lake and the caress of its gentle breeze.
The scent of citrus fruits and oleanders.
Walking along the lake shore or on the hills with a breathtaking panoramic view... this is our Lake Garda, an experience that fills your mind, your mouth and your heart.


Customer Portfolio

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